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It’s the sugar, Sugar

If it is beginning to feel as if all of today’s modern, chronic illnesses are from a poor diet, and especially from sugars, that’s because there is mounting evidence that this is indeed the case. This does not mean that you need to give up all sugar, but by cutting back on sugars…

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That artificial sweetener you are using; did you know that it may be working against any health benefit you hope to gain by using it? Aside from the unknown long-term health effects of artificial sweeteners, (and it’s not looking: BMJ) they up-regulate your palate. This means that the sweeter the foods are that…

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Support your body

Food is information for all of the cells in our body. It is the fuel and it is the raw material for all that we need to function. The better the information, and the higher the fuel quality we provide, the more we support optimal function. When we eat overly-sugary foods, or overly-processed…

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New Bits and Bites

A miraculous phenomenon that occurs over time is that as we change what we eat, our palate also changes. Consequently what we want to eat, and what we like to eat, also changes. Eat less sugar and over time, your palate needs less sugar to taste sweetness. You can do this gradually, or…

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