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Angela Powlen, Nutrition Consultant
Angela Powlen, Nutrition Consultant

What I do

I provide customized, individual nutrition consultation to help you achieve your health goals.

All appointments are virtual meetings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

The Process:

Is this for me?

Start with a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Session:

  • This provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little bit.
  • I will answer any questions you may have for me about what I do and how I work.
  • I will want to hear about any issues you want to work on.
  • We can then determine whether we are a good fit.

Session 1:

During your first full session we will review your health history, family history, your likes and dislikes, your schedule, your diet, activity level and habits and other relevant lifestyle factors. I will provide recommendations, information, recipes, and strategies for implementing the first steps towards your goal(s) in a manner that feels doable for your whatever your life and schedule look like. This process is collaborative, and will result in an actionable plan, including meal planning as needed.

You will receive a written summary of the plan and the details of what and how to implement the plan, as well as recipes if desired, and relevant reference materials.

I am available for secure, confidential email support if any issues arise before our next scheduled meeting. 

This session takes approximately one hour.

Sessions 2 & 3: Refining the Plan & Building in The Next Steps

In these sessions we will review how things are going so far, address any issues that may have come up, and add on the next steps in your plan.

Follow-up sessions usually take approximately 30 minutes.

Fees are as below


You may choose option one: This is three sessions which includes the initial visit, plus two follow-up sessions, fee $350.00

Or, you may choose option two: This is two sessions and includes the initial visit, plus one follow-up session, fee $266.00

Ongoing Support

Many people get all of the information, guidance and support that they need for a particular issue in the first 3 sessions, depending on what we are working on.

If there is more than one issue we are working on, I recommend starting with three sessions and depending on what the issues are, we may or may not need more time together. This is something I should be able to tell you after we meet for the first informational appointment and I get a better sense of what you want to work on.

Other folks need or want on-going support.

Ongoing support can help with motivation to stay on track, and/or there may be more I need to do in order to help you reach your goal(s).

The number of sessions will vary depending on your issues, goals and needs.

These sessions usually take approximately 30-minutes and the fee is $95.00 per session.

All purchases will expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

Quick Reset Sessions

Sometimes all you need is a quick reset to get back on track.

That’s what these are for. 

Reset Sessions are 15-minutes long and the fee is $50 per session.

What I Won’t Do

I will not try to sell you unnecessary supplements or unnecessary testing.

Sometimes nutrigenetic or nutritional deficiency testing may be helpful in guiding us towards other interventions that may be helpful.

Common tests that you may have already done, or can do, with your primary care provider, depending on what is going on with you, includes thyroid testing, celiac disease testing, blood sugar testing, hemoglobin A1C, fasting insulin level, cholesterol testing and liver function testing. I am happy to communicate directly with your provider about any recommended testing.

Payment Policy:

Payment is due when you schedule your first full appointment.

All purchases will expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.