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The Little Things, updated

It really is the little things in life. And eventually, they can add up to become big things.

Here’s one little thing you can do: If you are going to eat the chocolate,, or cookie, or other simple carbohydrate, eat a handful of nuts BEFORE you eat the sweet thing. Eating healthy fat, and/or protein prior to eating a simple carbohydrate will blunt the rise in blood sugar, preventing your blood sugar from rising as as high as it would have if you had eaten only the simple carbohydrate (sweets, breads etc).

Big blood sugar spikes (elevations) occur with eating simple sugars and refined carbohydrates such as breads, pastas, processed foods (most of which are refined, and have added sugars)….It is the big blood sugar spikes, and wide variability in blood sugar, that over time, can lead to diabetes and metabolic disease.

Another little thing you can do, after eating a less-than-ideal snack or meal, is to use that sugar right away, before the cascade of events triggered by elevated blood sugar and insulin release take effect. This is how: move your body! You can go for a brisk walk, or do some dancing in your living room, do some jumping jacks or push-ups or squats…you get the idea. Being moderately active within 30 minutes of eating, even if it’s just for five minutes, will positively influence your blood sugar.